About Adrian Vega Photography

A little Interview at the RAW artist show in 2013

Meet your Light Artist:
What I do

  • I got my first camera when I was 17. I started into photography because I traveled a lot, to remote places and I didn't want to forget those wonderful memories.
  • To me, a camera is a tool. Photography is about creating images, not about the tools used to do it. The whole megapixel dabate makes me laugh.
  • I give 120%. I work 12 hrs days because I have a passion for what I do.
  • How I come up with an image is this way: I design my photographs in my mind. Once I like them, I start working on making them real, some sort of 'mental reverse engineering'
  • I love Japanese food, walking, hiking. I'm a music lover. I love spending time with my beautiful wife and our 5 kiddos.
  • I'm obsessed about photography. Seriously. I can't be five minutes not thinking on a photography- related thing. It's quite annoying!
  • I speak Spanish. I'd better. Spent over twenty years learning it!
  • I'm not bossy, but if you ask me my opinion, I'll give you the truth. My truth anyway.
  • I love good manners!
  • I hate talking about myself, it's pretty boring stuff. On the other hand, I love learning about people, their ideas, their dreams, their careers and history.
  • I do travel to many locations, nationally and internationally.
  • I started as a wedding photographer. Slowly, my clientelle asked for more and more sexy images. Now 95% of my work is boudoir.


What I don't do.

  • I don't like posing people in the strict meaning of the word. I make them feel at ease, take a starting position and make it theirs. Then I capture their own body language, their expressions. I believe that my work is to create the right state of mind, where beauty just happens naturally.
  • I don't watch much TV.  Except for the Big Bang Theory and That 70's Show.
  • I refuse to label myself.
  • I won't say "no" to my customers ideas or requests, unless they are dangerous.
  • I don't use the spell check too often. I guess I should.
  • I don't have an electric car. Working on it.
  • I am all against waste. I don't like wasting time, energy, resources.
  • I love to talk shop. If you know how to use a camera, bring it to my studio with a cup of coffee or some wine. We'll be talking for hours.

 On a more serious note, I humbly present to you my work and my take on photography. Please take some time and go through it. My style, approach and creative juices are all there. Please know that I don't have a cookie-cutter approach, so no two images are exactly the same, but you'll get the idea. I enjoy knowing about my subjects and customers. I ask questions, not because I have to, but because I want to learn about people.

I won the first prize in the 2008 and 2009 Latino Art Bravisimo contest.
I have been published in the French magazine PHOTO with a half page spread, in the Jan/Feb issue in 2010.
I was one of two featured photographers on Photoshelter's blog. See the interview!


Me enorgullezco de ser Hispano y Latino. De hecho, me enorgullece saber la diferencia entre ámbos. Si buscas un artista fotográfico con sensibilidad y orgullo por su cultura, y en el área de Kansas City Missouri, en Cancun, Quintana Roo, Yucatan, Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Puerto Rico, San Juan o en Guadalajara, Jalisco, ya me has encontrado.

Adrian Vega.